Sunday, August 5, 2012

last few weeks part 1

Hey guys, this is part 1 of my last couple of weeks.  Everyone is so amazing to continue to take me with you... Thank you SOOO much.  If you haven't figured it out yet, the map I post at the bottom of each of my travel logs is a map of where I have visited so far.  I have already surpassed mommy and daddy, they are pretty jealous of me.  Stay tuned for part 2 in the next few days... I have some pretty awesome places to tell you about!!!

Cousin Aubrianne Boseman took me to Kenya with her.  Wow, that was a long flight

The Levich family took me to a couple spots:  Here was the famous Wall drugs in South Dakota

The Sgt. Floyd monument in Sioux City, Iowa

And to see Mother Mary in Sioux city, Iowa

Bill & Olivia Melson took me to see Lt. Dan Band at Rockin for the troops in Wheaton IL

Emily Foster took me to Cowboy stadium in Dallas (home of my favorite football team) to volunteer for "Restoring Love"

Hector Perez took me on an extreme Mtn. bike ride in Payson Utah

Jacque Kraft and family showed me the beautiful parts of Idaho

Jason and Becky Lloyd have spent the summer showing me as many places as possible.  Here are just a few of what I have seen with them.  This trip we were in Idaho
And I got to relearn the zipline

They showed me how to potato farm
Jeanne Fiato took me to Okeechobe Florida

I got to go on the annual Jackson Hole trip with the Wilcox family

Katie was nice enough to take me to Franklin park conservatory in Columbus Ohio. Thanks Katie

Leslee Hudgens showed me around her home town of North Myrtle Beach, SC

The Zamory's took me to their church that they had decorated in Albany NY. Here is Lori in front of "Fenway Park"

Peter Zamory at "Yankee Stadium"
I had an awesome day on the lake with Maclean Wright at Candlewood Lake in Danbury CT

Marcia and John Behr took me to visit great grandpa Daniel Boone in Defiance Missouri

Mike Olsen took me wakeboarding to show me what I'm missing out on.  We were at Newton reservoir in Newton Utah

Mike and Bev Auld took me on their road trip to Dallas Texas.  Here we are in Roswell NM

Here we are at Painted Desert national park in Arizona

Winslow Arizona

Shawn, Dawn, Kiera, & Christopher Kenny took me to a Dave Matthews concert in Palm Beach Florida

I've now been to the southernmost point in the US, in Key West FL thanks to Stephaine Barr and Brain Pravada

Steve took me to Cape Coral FL

I got to go 4 wheeling with Daniel, Tammy, and Talia Hauser in their hometown of Haines Alaska

They Taylor family took me all the way to Paris France.  Here we are the the Louvre

I attended the Middle Eastern festival in Indianapolis, Indiana

Terry and Janice Turner at the WWI memorial in Kansas City Missouri

John and Karen Toennies thought it would be appropriate to take me to the birth place of aviation, Kitty Hawk NC.  AWESOME!

Jason Wilcox and team took me to World Vision visitor center in Washington

Lynne took me to see Elvis in Memphis Tennessee

Randi Carter took me all around San Francisco.  Here we are at the Golden Gate Bridge

Jenn, Paul and Zoƫ Schroeder took me to HarborWalk in Destin Florida.

Thanks again to all that continue to think of me and my family.  We definitely feel all the blessings that come from you all.  I still have many more pics from the last couple of weeks, so check back soon to see part 2 (and possibly part 3)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thank you and a lot of traveling

Before I post anything I just want to say thanks soooooo much to all the amazing people out there.  I am one of the luckiest boys around.  Not many people get to see the world like I have recently.  I feel so special that so many wonderful people are thinking of me; special enough that I am in fact speechless… seriously!!! If I ever get the chance to meet you in person I won't be able to say anything at all!  Since I can't formulate my words I figured I'd thank you all in writing.

Mommy and Daddy have told me so much about traveling the world and all the amazing places that they wanted to show me.  I didn't think I would ever see those amazing places, but I have seen so much more.  During this journey we have realized that my story sometimes brings strength and inspiration to others, what we didn't know is that everybody around us gives us so much strength and courage.  Thank you all from the bottom of my little heart.

Now on to my pictures:
**DISCLAIMER-I've been a busy boy this week, so get ready for A LOT of pictures.

 Ariana and Serina Wihongi took me to the happiest place on earth… Disneyland

Ashley Kyle took me to the Dominican Republic and we did some awesome activities like Zip-lining

Brad and Marcus Bennett took me to North Padre Island where we fed seagulls and played on the beach

Doug and Cassie Bray took me out to sing Karaoke

Doug puts on quite the show, and I enjoyed looking buff for the night too

I had an amazing time with the Highmark group, out of Draper Utah.  They took me on a service project where we built homes in India.  Such an amazing group.  While we were traveling I also saw Amsterdam, Brussels Belgium, and Munich/Frankfort Germany.  

Horst Foster showed me around Albuquerque New Mexico

Mark Wilson hadn't received a shirt yet, but he was still willing to take me to Niagra Falls

I got to see Dodger stadium twice this week, How awesome.  Here I am with Matt Edwards
Then I took a tour of Dodger stadium with Bethany Gonzalez and Brook Barton

I got to go sailing around Kauai, Hawaii with Captain and Mrs. Bob Sundown

I went to Montana with the Jacques family.  Here are Sydne and Nikki in Great Falls

I went to Lake Sacheen in WA with Jamie and Cynthia Sullivan.  I wonder if they know that I LOVE boats???

I got to visit Indiana with Elaine Pastore.  Here we are at the IU medical center

The home of the Indy 500

Lucas Oil stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play.  Is that where Payton Manning used to live???
I got to go in a Jet (Boeing 737-700) with Stacy Papajohn
With all of my travels, Brett Oliver and family knew I'd get hungry, so they took me to Planet Hollywood in Myrtle Beach SC.  "I'll take the Cheeseburger, blended up, and put in my feeding tube.  Yum!!!"
Dick and Bobbi Wiseman know that every little boy needs to pet a puppy to be happy
Meet my friend Isaac and his parents Dana and Melissa.  Isaac Loves to go fast and drive on Twisty roads, so he took me with him on Route 17 in VT.  Guess what, I love twisty roads too now.  
Isaac also showed me the capitol building in Montpelier Vermont.

Thanks again to all those that have taken me with you, read my blog, thought about me and my family, or kept me in your prayers.  You are all amazing people.